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Food For Feelings
Your relationship with food is a reflection of your relationship to life

Healing the pain behind Bulimia, Anorexia, Overeating and Body Image Issues

Food For Feelings - How women can transform their relationships with food
A 6 session 20-hour program
Today more women than ever struggle with their weight. Anorexia and bulimia have become commonplace illnesses. Follow –up research on diet programs, as well as our own personal experience shows that diets don’t work. On the contrary, they contribute to the rebound response of binging and overeating.
This workshop supports women in transforming their relationship with food. It looks at the deeply personal issues linked with emotional eating and perpetual dieting that go far beyond weight and body image.

In this workshop, we use various ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching)  tools such as The Third Entity exercise, Paper constellations, Lands Work, Alignment coaching and Edgework, in order to help participants delve deep into the issues, voices and experiences that lie behind their relationship with food.


In addition, participants will also use some artwork and spontaneous movement to connect deeply with their bodies.

*You will learn how to look and feel powerful and gorgeous no matter what.
*You will discover that it is only ever the brightest, most talented, most creative people that suffer from chaotic eating.
*You will leave behind old perceptions of yourself that have been adopted from others and you will reclaim your inner authority.
*You will begin to name your true hunger and learn how to nurture and nourish yourself on every level of life.
This workshop is for women who dare to view themselves in a different light, who dare to open to their full potential, to listen to their internal wisdom and speak their truth.
Conscious Eating incorporates journaling, creative expression, movement, relaxation and visualization and affirmation in a groundbreaking program.
Program Outline
Session one— Exploring your relationship with food and body.
Session two—What is your real hunger? Food is not the issue.
Session three—Healing your relationship with important people in your life and
 learning how to nurture yourself.
Session four— the importance of self-love.
Session five—Owning your feelings, truth, and power.
Session six—How change happens.

This six-session program supports the participants to become more trusting and comfortable with their bodies, food and themselves.
Participants should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to become actively engaged in both physical and relaxation exercises.


IMAR Spa, Umm Alquwain, United Arab Emirates

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