Our Services

Our services include life coaching, consultations with dietitians as well as Healthy Escape; our 10 day retreat at Imar Spa. Additional slimming sessions available through Imar Spa and Al-Tareq center.


Personal and Group Coaching

Personal or life coaching is a partnership between coach and client, where the coach supports the client in achieving personal goals and reaching their highest potential in life.


Healthy Escape

A 10 day retreat spread out over two weeks. Participants go home on the weekend to visit their families and reflect on what they learned.

Slimming sessions and Massages

Provided by Imar Spa therapists

During your stay, the massages and treatments you receive at Imar Spa will be the highlight of your day. Moroccan bath, Shrinking Violet, Thermojet Shower and hand massages will help you relax at the end of the your day.


IMAR Spa, Umm Alquwain, United Arab Emirates

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